You manage the cloud organizations you create from the Clouds page.


  1. From the Admin UI navigation pane, click Cloud Management > Cloud.
  2. Select the check box for the cloud org that you want to update.
  3. Click the three vertical dots icon to open a drop-down menu and choose an item from the menu.

    Menu Item


    More details

    Displays a list of properties for the cloud organization.


    Displays a form from which you can update cloud organization properties, view and edit cloud org VDC properties, and assign or create a cloud catalog.

    Remove from Tenant

    Removes the selected cloud org from the tenant.

    Sync Cloud vApps

    Syncs the selected cloud vApps. For more information, see vApp Sync from vCloud Director.

    Sync vApp Templates

    For all of the cloud's templates, the sync operation checks the cloud catalog version and syncs only those catalogs that have changed.

    Full Resync vApp Templates

    For all cloud templates, syncs all templates without checking the cloud catalog first.

    Update Cloud Org VDC capacity

    Updates the record of cloud usage (cloud capacity) for each VDC in the selected cloud org.

    Delete Prepops without templates

    Deletes and removes the prepops that do not have a vApp template in a cloud. This action allows the system to properly maintain the cloud.