You can use the Cloud vApps page on the tenant administrator interface to manage the cloud vApps that VMware Learning Platform is using.

To open the Cloud vApps page, select Cloud Management > Cloud vApps on the Admin UI navigation bar.

Disown Cloud vApp Action

The Disown Cloud vApp action is available to non-CSP tenants and permanently removes the selected vApp from VMware Learning Platform, but retains it (unchanged) in the cloud. This action is useful in cases where you think there is a problem with how a vApp is functioning in the cloud. In such a case, you can “disown” the vApp. Hence, while cloud support personnel determine what went wrong with the vApp, the problematic vApp does not affect your tenant.

Delete Cloud vApp Action

The Delete Cloud vApp action deletes the selected vApp. This action is useful when you want to delete a corrupted prepop. The action results in the vApp being removed from both VMware Learning Platform and the cloud.