You can control the user console experience by adding query strings to the quick launch URL for a lab. For example, during an event or a demo, if a instructor wants to bypass the usual "Welcome Message" in a running lab, you can add the showWelcomeTips=false string at the end of the quick launch URL. The welcome message is not displayed in user UI.

Currently the following query strings are supported:

Query String

In user UI the account verification message popup is not displayed.


Some browser compatibility checks such as cookies, private browsing, local storage are skipped.


Browser support check is skipped. User can browse the catalog, but not log in and take a lab, and is different from the checkBrowserRejected query.


An unsupported browser is rejected and does not let you look at the catalog page or do anything.


This query is equivalent to checkCompatibility=false, checkBrowserSupported=false, and checkBrowserRejected=false. You can use the checkBrowserCompatibility=false query to skip the browser supported, browser rejected and browser compatibility checks.

If enabled, does not show welcome tips on the tenant and user UI.

Skips if a tenant's End User License Agreement (EULA) is accepted.