You add content for the announcement page from the Page Content form.


  1. From the Admin UI navigation panel, select Content > Page Content.
  2. Click Create Page Content to open the Create Page Content form.
    1. In the Type text box, select Offer, Announcement, Dashboard Promo, or Client Promo from the drop-down menu.

      Promos display as individual slides either as dashboard promos on a large, central screen during an event, or as a client promo in the form of a screensaver on the user’s screen. An example of a promo is: This lab sponsored by our Company.

    2. To enable or disable the display of page content, clear or select the Enabled check box.

      You can enable content for only for a certain period each day by using this enable-disable toggle.

    3. In the Title text box, enter a title for your page content.
    4. In the Content text box, enter text that appears under your title.
    5. If anonymous browsing is enabled, you can control which piece of content is seen by anonymous browsers and which by logged-in users by selecting or clearing the Public Visible check box.
  3. Click Create page content.