Tenant instructors and lab users can monitor console connections to track the health of the connection for an active lab.

Lab users and instructors can view the following information:

  • Connection strength. The student or user console has a graph icon that displays connection strength.

  • Console latency. Hover over the Connection Strength icon to view information about console latency.

  • Saved console benchmarks and transcripts. Saved console benchmarks for active entitlements and transcripts are displayed in the Console Benchmarks column.

  • Average, high, and low latency values per session. You can display this information as a timeline when you use the menu opened with the item's horizontal dots icon ().

  • The reason for leaving each lab session.

A tenant administrator enables the console connection monitoring feature for your tenant. After the feature is made accessible for your tenant, you can enable console connection monitoring for the tenant cloud organizations. Every lab that runs in the cloud org where console monitoring is enabled inherently monitors the console connections for all labs that run in that cloud.

Student Console

The student console goes through a few levels of connection checks and warning messages:

  • A connection degraded message is shown if calculated latency is consistently high.
  • A connection unstable message is shown if there is a drop in connection.
  • A connection disconnected message is shown and the console connection attempts to be refreshed if there is no communication.

Instructor Interface

The instructor interface has a console connection strength indicator showing student's latency values and other console connection indicators in addition to the phase changes such as when a student starts a lab, ends a lab, or exits. This connection strength indicator is displayed when the instructor is viewing the student’s console and in the Class Overview.

Support User Interface

The support interface has all the same features as the instructor interface when the instructor is viewing the student’s console.