A tenant administrator can create a temporary user for a “one-time” lab use, without the need to register the user in the system. This feature is useful for administrators who create content for quick demos or live events to demonstrate their products to users who might not use the system regularly.



  1. From the Admin UI navigation panel, click Entitlements > User Entitlements to open the Entitlements page.
  2. Click Create Entitlement.
  3. Select the “Send Quick launch URL to user via Email” and “Create user for entitlement” check boxes.
  4. Select a lab.
  5. Enter all the required details in the Create user entitlement dialog box.
  6. Click Create Entitlement.


An email with the lab details and lab URL is sent to the user. After the entitlement ends, the temporary user is automatically deleted from the system.


What to do next