You create catalogs to contain labs. Users can sign up for labs through catalogs.

A catalog name must be unique within a tenant.


  1. Go to Lab Management > Catalogs to open the Catalogs window.
  2. Click Create Catalog.
  3. Complete the Create Catalog form.
    Option Description


    Give the lab catalog a meaningful name. This name appears in the Catalog List.

    Short Description

    Provide a short description of the catalog. This description appears, if enabled, in the Catalog List. It appears in the lab console within the Labs tab to describe each catalog.


    Provide a more detailed description of the catalog. This description appears, if enabled, in the Catalog List (Admin UI).


    Select to enable the lab catalog. If not selected, the default, the lab catalog is saved in the system but not available to any VMware Learning Platform tenants.

    Publicly Visible

    Enables/disables the public visibility of the catalog. If public visibility is disabled in the catalog, then any labs in the catalog that have their public visibility enabled are not publicly visible.

    Advanced option.


    Select an available lab. The labs you select become associated with this catalog. A lab must be associated with a catalog in order for it to be listed within that catalog in the End User interface.).

    Tenant Groups

    Select which groups of users in your tenant can see this lab. Do not leave this text box blank. You must select a tenant group or the catalog you are creating is not visible.

  4. Click Create Catalog.

    The system creates the catalog and opens the Lab Ordering tab.

  5. You can optionally change the order of the labs included within the catalog. Click the first column’s header to sort by that column, then drag a row. The lab order within the Lab Ordering list determines the order in which the system displays the labs in the lab console.
  6. After you are content with the lab ordering, click X to close the catalog form.