A tenant administrator must assign the tenant instructor role to a VLP user and associate the instructor with a lab.

The general workflow is as follows:

  1. Using the Edit Account form, assign an existing user the role of Tenant Instructor. Users assigned this role appear in a list accessible from the Create Class form. A tenant instructor can monitor the progress of selected students (a class) taking a specified lab (instructor-led lab).

  2. Using the InstructorLabMapping List to associate tenant instructors with specific labs. By creating such instructor-lab associations, you can restrict tenant instructors to access only specific labs. If you do not create any instructor-lab associations, then no instructor restrictions exist, and tenant instructors are able to access any lab in the tenant.

  3. Using the Create Class form, create a class. A class is composed of selected users (students) to take a specified lab, at a specified time and to be monitored by a specified instructor.

  4. Tenant instructor, by means of the Instructor Console, monitors the progress of each student in a class who has started the lab specified in the class.