A vApp is a container that can contain one or more virtual machines. vApp templates ensure that virtual machines are consistently configured across an entire organization.

The vApp Template List provides many options to manage your tenant’s vApp templates.

Enabling or Disabling Statistics Display

You can use the gear icon pull-down on the vApp Template List to enable or disable the display of vApp template-related statistics.


Average Prepop Deploy Time is the average deploy time for prepops, in seconds, based on a seven-day rolling time. A value of 0.0 means that the system does not currently have an average deploy time available.

Using Prepops

The prepop feature deploys an instance of a lab ahead of user demand and leaves it running. When a user requests an instance of that lab, VMware Learning Platform connects that user to an already running copy in a matter of seconds, and then queues up another deployment of a prepop for the future deployment.

The prepop feature is configured when you set-up a vApp or create a lab.