The Manuals page lists the lab manuals associated with the current tenant.

PDF resource files used as lab manuals are not displayed.

Clicking Content > Manuals opens the Manuals page.

Creating and editing the content of an instructional manual is done separately from the VMware Learning Platform Admin Dashboard you are using.

You create manuals with the tools of your choice and can import manuals that are in the following formats: Word DOCX, PDF, or ScreenSteps. Alternatively, you can use the VMware Learning Platform editing tool called the Content Editor to develop a manual or edit a manual after it has been imported.

Synchronizing (Sync) is necessary to ensure that the manual you select on the Manuals page has the same content in both the Administration Dashboard and the Content Engine.

Click Content > Content Engine to access the Content Engine user interface. The Content Engine allows an administrator to manage lab manuals. The Content Editor Reference Guide describes how to use the Content Editor.

Syncing Manuals

Click Sync Manuals to synchronize the manuals you select.