You configure metadata for the deployment pool on the VM Metadata form.


  1. Use the settings on the VM Metadata form to edit the metadata of the deployment pool.
    Option Description

    Use Individual VM Power On Settings

    If enabled, then VMware Learning Platform controls the powering on of VMs according to the setting of the Power On VM When Lab Starts option. If not enabled, then the cloud controls the powering of VMs. Cloud powering settings are determined outside VMware Learning Platform.


    This option only regards the delegation of VM power on operations either to the cloud or to VMware Learning Platform. Prepop deployment always delegates power on operations to the cloud.

    Initial Console

    If enabled, a lab associated with the deployment pool uses the virtual machine as its initial console.

  2. Click > to edit metadata.
    Option Description


    Power On VM When Lab Starts

    Specifies that the VM in the vApp must be powered on when the entitlement starts. If enabled, then the system can more efficiently determine the power state of the VM and as a result reduce the time it takes to start the lab. Note the following:

    • If all the VMs in a lab are marked as being powered on, then the system starts the vApp instead of the individual VMs which delegates the powering-on operation to the cloud. This delegation means that the VMs in the vApp are powered on as configured for the template in the cloud. As a result, the system observes any configured power-up order, pauses, or other tasks as configured in the cloud.

    • If the VM marked as the initial console is not marked to be powered on at start, and other VMs are marked for power on, then the system displays a warning in the Lab list.

    Allow Console Resize

    If enabled, then a lab user can manually resize the lab console.

    Automatic Console Resize

    If enabled, then the system automatically scales a lab console so that it fits the available space.


    If both Allow Console Resize and Automatic Console Resize are enabled, then the system initially sizes the lab console but the lab user can still resize it manually.


    You can specify a user name specific to the virtual machine.


    You can specify a password specific to the virtual machine.


    Notes an end user might need when interacting with a virtual machine. For example, you might include license keys in a note. Notes supports rich text/HTML information on the virtual machine for the lab. VMware Learning Platform displays the notes when an end user clicks the Notes option on the lab console toolbar.