Tenant administrator roles include permission to use all VMware Learning Platform user interfaces. Tenant administrators can also enable optional VMware Learning Platform features on a per tenant basis and assign predefined roles and customized abilities for those roles to other VMware Learning Platform users.

Tenant Administrator Tasks for Delivering an On-Demand Lab

Tenant administrators perform the following set of tasks to prepare an on-demand lab.

  1. Use Lab Builder automation to create a lab. See Create a Lab Template with the Lab Builder.

  2. Alternatively, manually create a deployment pool and lab. See Create a Deployment Pool. See Create a Lab.

  3. Create a catalog for the lab. See Create a Catalog.

  4. Create users for the lab. See Create a User Account.

  5. Import a lab instructional manual. See the VMware Learning Platform Content Engine Guide.

Tenant Administrator Tasks for Enabling Class Delivery

Tenant administrators perform the following tasks to enable delivery of an instructor-led lab.

  1. For instructor-led classes, assign a VMware Learning Platform user the role of tenant instructor.

  2. Create user accounts for lab users or enable a tenant instructor to mass upload users to the tenant.

  3. Create a class. A class is made up of selected users who take a specified lab at a specified time and are monitored by a specified instructor.

  4. Manage the student roster and entitlements.