You can run a speed test to measure the performance of connections from your browser to VMware Learning Platform.

The VMware Learning Platform speed test measures available network bandwidth and network latency for labs.

Any user with a VMware Learning Platform account is able to run a speed test. Students and other end users can run speed tests to determine whether there is an issue with their network connection for a lab. Tenant administrators and instructors might use the speed test to evaluate potential performance issues reported by students and others taking a lab.

Speed tests measure network bandwidth and network latency for VMware Learning Platform and your associated cloud.

Choose a Cloud to Run the Test On

If your tenant has multiple clouds, a tenant administrator can specify which endpoint to use from the Admin UI. Go to Tenant Management > Settings and search for the Speed Test Cloud URL setting in the General Options section. and enter information for the endpoint you want to test.

Run the Speed Test

To run a speed test, open a browser with a URL of the form where tenant_name is the unique name given to your tenant and click Start Test.

Speed Test Results

After you run the test, the speed test screen displays results for VMware Learning Platform and cloud speed and for VMware Learning Platform and cloud network latency. Network latency results are color coded

  • Results less than 300 ms are shown in green

  • Results greater than 300 and less than 450 ms are shown in amber

  • Results greater than 450 ms are shown in red

A good speed score is 1.5 MB/s or greater, and a good latency score is 300 ms or less.