With the VMware Learning Platform Event Management interface, you can set up and modify a class chart, register a lab, and manage and display student status for different class views.

Trad and BYOD views

The VMware Learning Platform supports traditional classroom (Trad) setups bring-your -own-device (BYOD setups. With Trad classes, computer equipment and software are provided for the student, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) class setups, students supply the computer equipment on which they take the lab. VMware Learning Platform includes classroom settings for each view.

Workflow for managing a classroom

Typically, you use the following set of steps to create and run a classroom at an event.

  1. Create a room.
  2. Edit your room's rows, columns, sections, and station numbering.
  3. Register stations in the room.
  4. Move a user through seating queues.