VMware® Learning Platform™ provides an event management user interface (UI) for administering and managing labs at large-scale events.

The Event Management UI allows tenant administrators, proctors, and help desk staff to manage lab station registration, seating maps, and help requests.

Note: Event management must be enabled by your tenant administrator from the Admin UI at Tenant Management > Tenants > Settings. See the VMware Learning Platform Tenant Administration Guide for more information.

Rooms, seat maps, and room sections

The Event Management UI includes options that allow you to create a room, a seating map for the room, and multiple sections within the room.

Lab station registration

To register a lab station, you go to a URL, authenticate, and then register a station. You must be a tenant administrator, proctor, or super user to register a station.

The stations of a room are color coded:

  • Black: unregistered
  • Green: registered and open
  • Grey: disabled
  • White: registered and open

An example of the Event Management UI

The following is an example of what you might see when you access the user interface: