VMware Learning Platform customers can get support by opening the VMware Cloud Services console.

To manage your support requests or open a new support request, access the Support Center from the VMware Cloud Services Console.You must have a support role to access the Support Center. To get the required permissions to open and manage support tickets for your organization, contact your organization owner.

When you work with support requests, you do so within the context of your currently active organization. If you belong to several organizations, make sure that the organization for which you want to manage the request is your active organization. See, how to switch to another organization.


  1. Log in to the VMware Cloud services console at https://console.cloud.vmware.com/csp/gateway/portal/#/support.
  2. Click the Support Center tab.
  3. Click Create Support Request.
  4. Complete the Create Support Request form, including the appropriate category and severity, and click Submit.