Review the system and account requirements for creating a VMware Learning Platform lab.


This guide shows you how to create a vApp using resources in VMware Cloud. You can also use VMs or vApps developed on-premises, but you must upload them through the VMware Learning Platform admin UI. See Upload VMs, vApps, or ISOs.


  • Interface URLs: You must have the URL to both your VMware Learning Platform lab user interface and the administrator interface.

  • Administrator credentials: You must have tenant administrator credentials for VMware Learning Platform.


Browser settings must accept cookies, run JavaScript, and support web sockets. The following browsers and browser versions are supported:

  • Internet Explorer version 10 or above

  • Firefox version 13 or above

  • Chrome version 18 or above

  • Safari version 6.0 or above


More help and information are available at the VMware Learning Platform support and communities sites.

The support site is at Click Submit a request for any issue or assistance required.

The VMware Learning Platform communities page is at

The VMware Learning Platform interface

The first screen you see when open VMware Learning Platform is the default dashboard. From here, you can track and view all aspects of building and running labs.

The pane on the left is the tenant administrator navigation menu. Click the double arrow in the lower right corner to open or close the menu.

VMware Learning Platform includes both a basic Admin UI and an advanced Admin UI view of the navigation menu.

  • The Basic Admin UI is essentially a subset of the advanced Admin UI. It includes only those options required to deliver a lab, providing an efficient, simple presentation.

  • The Advanced Admin UI provides additional options to deliver a lab with advanced features.