VMware Learning Platform™(VLP) is a VMware Cloud service that gives organizations the ability to deliver hands-on virtual IT training labs at cloud scale.

The following additional interfaces let you manage documentation for a lab, monitor an instructor-led class, provide user access to class registration and lab interaction, and manage and track labs at events.

  • The Content Engine, for authoring, importing, or managing and associating lab manuals. VMware Learning Platform supports multi-language lab manual projects and import of Microsoft Word or PDF files.

  • The Instructor Console, from which instructors can add or remove students from a class and monitor class activity.

  • The User Console, for VMware Learning Platform end users taking on-demand or instructor-led labs.

  • The Event Management interface, with which tenant administrators, proctors, and instructors can manage lab offerings at large-scale events such as conferences.

Complete product documentation is available at VMware Learning Platform Documentation.

The Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started guide takes you through the tasks required to set up and run a lab using the VMware Learning Platform Lab Builder.

It describes creating resources for your lab environment, the steps required to incorporate a lab manual with your course, and the steps required to deliver a lab.


The following terms are used in this guide.


A vCloud Director construct that consists of one or more virtual machines, metadata, a power-on and shutdown sequence, and a networking configuration.

vApp Template

A vApp that exists in a Catalog and cannot be powered on. vApp templates are called lab templates in the Lab Builder.

vApp Template Working Copy

AvApp that can be actively worked on for the purpose of copying iterations into the catalog.

Deployment Pool

Defines the vApp deployment parameters for a lab. A deployment pool is used to manage where lab templates are deployed, how many can be deployed, whether a certain number are pre-populated (that is, deployed and powered-on before a user needs it), and so on. The Lab Builder automatically creates a deployment pool for your lab. Tenant administrators can also create deployment pools.


A deployment pool capability used to pre-provision (deploy and power-on vApp) ahead of time. Pre-populated vApps minimize the time required between an end-user request for a lab and when it has been delivered. This is especially useful for more complex labs that can require time to power on the vApp’s underlying virtual machines, run any user-defined preparation scripts, and so on.

Lab Manual

A manual written in a specific language.

Lab Manual Project

A Lab Manual Project is a collection of one or more lab manuals.