Tenant Instructors use the Instructor Console to monitor and assist students during a lab.

For information about how to start the Instructor Console, see Start up the Instructor Console.

Student Information

The instructor console displays a tile for each student in the course. Each tile includes the following information:

  • Student name and photo, if available

  • The stop/start status for the lab. Tiles are outlined in green when the student starts the lab. Otherwise, the tile is dimmed and the status says "not started".

  • A progress bar showing how much of the lab the student has finished.

  • An Open Console button that opens the student's lab console.

  • A Thumbnail button that opens a thumbnail of the student's lab console.

Instructor console actions

You can perform the following actions from the Instructor Console:



Take Over

The Take Over button is located within an opened lab console. The Take Over action allows the tenant instructor to gain full access to the student’s lab console.

The tenant instructor can make changes to the work the student has done or complete steps the student has not yet done. The instructor can also view information about the connection strength of the student's lab console.

Broadcast Display

The Broadcast Display button is located within an opened lab console. Broadcast Display broadcasts the student’s lab console to every student in the class.

Blank All Screens

Closes (blanks) the lab console of each student in the class.


Opens the lab's instructional manual.


When you click to open a student’s lab console, the Reset action is available. This resets the vApp for the lab console and returns the lab to its initial state. The student is not able to recover any work done on the lab and must repeat it. Reset is useful when a student has encountered unrecoverable issues.


Allows the instructor to mark a Raised Hand help request as resolved. When you click the Help button, the system opens or collapses a panel.

The panel consists of all raised hand help requests. You can click the check mark to indicate that the request is resolved.

The computer icon next to the resolve check mark opens the student’s console.

Counter for Raised Hand

When a Raised Hand help request occurs, a counter appears with the help request.


Respective options are only visible if the tenant option Allow instructors to reset lab from class or Allow instructors to send new token from class is enabled by a tenant administrator.

Speed Tests

Tenant instructors can use speed tests to help diagnose a slow or intermittent connection for a lab. Speed tests can be run by lab users, tenant instructors, or tenant administrators.

Speed tests measure network bandwidth and network latency for VMware Learning Platform and for your cloud, if you are using a hybrid configuration.

Running a Speed Test

To run a speed test, open a browser with a URL of the form http://learningplatform.vmware.com/tenant_name/speed-test/ where tenant_name is the unique name given to your tenant, and click Start Test.

Speed Test Results

After you run the test, the speed test screen displays results for VMware Learning Platform and Cloud speed and for VMware Learning Platform and Cloud network latency. Network latency results are color coded

  • Results less than 300 ms are shown in green
  • Results greater than 300 and less than 450 ms are shown in amber
  • Results greater than 450 ms are shown in red
  • A good speed score is 1.5 MB/s or greater.

  • A good latency score is 300 ms or less.