Tenant instructors can add or remove students, labs, or entitlements for a class from the Admin UI.

Each class can have one lab. The lab cannot be changed after the class is started.


If the class end date or time is changed, then the Entitlement expiration date is automatically updated to the same. For more information, see Managing Lab Entitlements.


  • Your tenant administrator must have enabled the Allow Instructors to Manage Lab and Entitlements of a Class setting for the class.

  • A student must have an account in the tenant to be eligible to be added to a class.


  1. From the Admin UI navigation panel, click Classes to display a list of available classes. If you have enabled Advanced Options, select Classes > Classes.
  2. Click a class name to open the Update class form.
    1. On the Update class form, edit information for your class and click Update Class.
    2. To add or remove students, click the Manage Students tab and click Add/Remove Students.

      A searchable-list view of eligible students is displayed, from which you select students to add or remove from the class. You can also send new tokens to students.

    3. To add or remove entitlements, open the Manage Entitlements tab and click Add/Remove Entitlements to open a list of entitlements. Select the entitlement to add or remove from the class and click Done.