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Updated on 26 March 2020

Check regularly for additions and updates to these release notes.

26 March 2020

  •  PDF Lab Manuals
    VMware Learning Platform now supports the PDF document format for student lab manuals. This feature enables content creators to use external authoring tools to develop lab manuals for use in VMware Learning Platform. In addition, it provides customers who have preexisting content an additional import option. Go to Lab Management > Lab Resources > Create Lab Resource.

  • Detailed Billing
    The new billing dashboard provides granular usage metering of on-demand service usage. This dashboard enables Tenant Administrators to optimize usage of the service to help control cost. The new billing dashboard is available in the Tenant Management module > Billing.

  • Lab Replication
    With replicas, a Tenant Administrator can easily and reliably replicate vApp Lab Templates within the same region or to other geographical regions throughout the cloud. This feature helps enable several key use cases including distributing templates for high availability, remote backups, and improving performance for students by providing labs in-region.

  • Create User during Entitlement Creation
    This functionality introduces the ability to create a user during the entitlement creation process, without the need for the user to register for or create an account in VMware Learning Platform. This feature can be useful in one-time lab use situations, or to provide a quick hands-on demo without having the user go through the standard registration process.

  • Class Self-Registration
    Instructors now have the capability to enable a class for student self-registration. This feature is advantageous in scenarios where an instructor may not have the student roster well in advance of a scheduled class. During class creation the instructor simply configures the number of seats the class is intended to support, and then provides their students with a self-registration URL. No account creation is required beforehand.

Remember to keep a lookout for the new Admin User Interface if you aren’t already using it, as the old UI will be deprecated within the next few weeks!

23 January 2020

A new tenant option called Send Mail to User on Entitlement Creation is included with this update.  A tenant administrator can use the option to send an email that notifies a user that their entitlement has been created. Parameter values for the option are set from the Tenant Management>Settings page on the admin user interface. 

9 January 2020

You can now import Microsoft Word manuals directly into VMware Learning Platform, by using a process similar to the one used for ScreenSteps.  See  Upload and convert Word documents in the VMware Learning Platform Content Engine guide for more information.

Tenant administrators can now include a quick launch link when sending email to a user from the manual entitlement option.

2 December  2019

Correction to the feature announcement for Quick Launch URL: tenant administrators do not generate a quick launch URL. Instead, they access the Quick Launch URL that is automatically generated when a vApp is assigned.

21 November 2019

The following new features and improvements are included in this update:

  • Additional pages of the Admin UI are available in an updated UI style, including Survey Configurations, Entitlement Callbacks, Tags, Products, Network Topology, and Badges.
  • A new interface for options controlled by tenant administrators is available along with several new options. See Tenant Management>Settings and VMware Learning Platform tenant options in the Tenant Administration guide for complete information.
  • Tenant administrators can access a Quick Launch URL containing an access token directly from the Entitlements page on the Admin UI. This is in addition to using the API to generate a token.
  • You can create an entitlement for a user from the Admin UI at Entitlements>User Entitlements>Create Entitlement.
  • You can install VMtools from Lab Builder.
  • The start and stop order and boot delay of VMs can now be modified in Lab Builder.
  • You can resize the console window in Lab Builder.
  • The Tenant Management Settings page replaces the Tenant Options form. You can display settings organized by function or with detailed information and enable or disable settings from either view. Searching on settings and filtering on fields is supported.
  • You can bulk upload users by class from the Admin UI at Security>User Control>Account Bulk Upload.
  • The tenant user interface includes an enhancement to notify users when prepops are not available.
  • VMware Learning Platform supports LTI 1.3 integration.

17 July 2019

  • Customize completion criteria for labs. Additional features for setting completion criteria for labs are included with the latest update.  For more information, see: Setting completion criteria for a lab in the VMware Learning Platform Tenant Administration Guide. As a tenant admin, you can set values for the following settings.

    • Set a minimum time a student must spend on a lab before it can be considered finished.
    • Set the percentage of steps in a lab that a student must complete before the course can be considered finished.
    • Set tenancy-wide behavior to link End button availability to lab completion criteria.
  • Pre-provisioning ‘prepop’ values are now configured on the Update vApps Template screen with the following steps:
  1. Go to Cloud Management > vApp Templates.
  2. Click the vertical ellipses next to the lab you are working with and select Update from the drop-down menu. The Update vapp template page is displayed.
  3. Locate the Prepops text box and specify a value.
  4.  Click Update vApps Template.