The LTI Integrations page on the Admin UI provides information required to integrate VMware Learning Platform with external learning management systems (LMS) that use LTI version 1.1 or version1.3 protocols.

Procedures for registering VMware Learning Platform with the Blackboard, Moodle, or Docebo learning management systems are described in the following VMware Knowledge Base articles:

Learning Tools Interoperability, Version 1.1

The v1.1 tab on the LTI Integrations page provides the VLP information for registering with your LMS, including the URL that starts your VLP lab. Go to Integrations > LTI Integrations and click LTI 1.1 to open the page.

Copy or modify the information as needed and save it to use when you register VMware Learning Platform on your LMS.

Learning Tools Interoperability, Version 1.3

Go to Integrations > LTI Integrations. Click the 1.3 tab.

You can perform the following actions from the LTI 1.3 page.

Option Description
LTI v1.3 Tool Settings (A) Click the twistie to view the VLP information you need when registering VMware Learning Platform as an LTI tool through the LMS interface. You can copy these values and paste them into your LMS forms.
Create LTI integration (B) Click Create LTI integration. On the form, enter information from your LMS after you have registered VLP as described in the Knowledge Base article for your LMS.
Available actions menu (C) Click the three-dot icon next to a listed integration to open the action menu.
Actions (D) The action menu includes the following options:
  • More details. Displays the parameter values associated with the integration.
  • Update. Opens the Create LTI Integration form, from which you can modify and update your integration.
  • Delete. Undoes the integration.