Creating an external service integrates the service with VMware Learning Platform. Once you do so, you can import content from the external service


  1. On the Content Engine UI side panel, click to open the External Services list.
  2. On the External Services list, click Create to open the Add New External Service form
  3. Enter the following information on the Add New External Service form.
    • Your organization’s ScreenSteps URL for example,

    • Your ScreenSteps username.

    • Your ScreenSteps password.

    • Default Import Options:

      • Language: Select language of the instructional content from the drop-down menu.

      • Add chapter table of contents: Enabling results in the manual’s table of contents including chapter titles (modules) followed by the articles contained by each chapter.

      • Add a conclusion page. Enabling results in a conclusion page at the end of the manual.

  4. Click Create to add the external service you just created to the External Services List.

What to do next

Import Content from an External Service.