For each listed manual project, you can click the vertical ellipses icon to display a list of actions.

Table 1. The VMware Learning Platform Lab Manual Project action menu

Menu Item


View Project

Lists draft, published, and imported instances of the manual. The list provides options to manage each manual instance.

Edit Project

Opens the Update Manual Project form. From here, you can rename the manual project and indicate at which step to begin numbering the manual. The number 1 is the normal behavior. Number 2 shows the first step as a bulleted item (•) in the step bubbles. The number 3 display two bubbles and then the third step is labeled 1 and so on.

Add New Manual

Opens the Create a Manual (draft) form. From here, you can create a draft by entering a title and language. The draft you create does not have any content.

Upload Manual

Opens the Upload Manual form. From here, you can upload instructional content by uploading a file. Uploading a file creates an imported manual instance.

Import Manual

Opens the Import from ScreenSteps form. From here, you can import content from the ScreenSteps authoring tool. Importing from ScreenSteps creates an imported manual instance.

Delete Project

Deletes the manual project including all contents (drafts, imported, and published instances).