After you have created a new lab manual project, you add instructional content.

You can add instructional content in the following ways:

  • By uploading a Word document (.docx file format) or a manual previously exported from the Content Engine (such exports are ZIP files).

  • By importing manuals residing in the ScreenSteps authoring tool.


VMware Learning Platform supports import for Word DOCX files, but not for DOC files.

If your instructional manual is in PDF format, it does not need to be part of a lab manual project. Instead, upload the PDF file as a resource as described in Importing lab resources.

About Multiple Language Support

The Content Engine cannot translate a manual. Translations must be done by a content provider. But the Content Engine does support uploading and importing multiple language drafts of the same instructional content. This multiple language support is very useful because lab consoles include a Profile Settings option. A lab user can set the Profile Settings to associate the lab console to a version of the lab manual in a selected language.