You can use screen display options to manage your screen's appearance and behavior.

Display options are located in the upper-right corner of the console.

  • The Connection Strength control displays information about console latency. Your instructor or admin can use this information to diagnose any connection problems. Thisfeature must be enabled by a tenant administrator.
  • Use the Toggle Full-Screen control to resize the console. Console resizing includes the following actions:
    • When the end-user console is docked in the center or maximized, then VMware Learning Platform resizes it to fit into the space available in the browser.
    • If the console is floated, docked-left, or docked-right, then you can resize the console manually by dragging the handles near the edge of the console frame.
    • If the end-user console is supported with VMware tools, then the guest operating system resolution is updated to the new console size.
    • In unsupported consoles, the guest operating system resolution remains unchanged, but the console is scaled to the browser.
  • Use the Maximize control to magnify (full screen) your screen.
  • Use the Arrow controls to dock your screen display controls to the left or right side of your screen.
  • Use the Place in Center Screen control to center your screen display.
  • Use the Floating window control to toggle between a docked or floating screen.
  • Use the Refresh control to re-establish your console connection and reload your console. This option does not perform a screen refresh. Use this option only if your console locks up or your connection drops.