Your lab console includes settings for controlling your virtual machine.

  • Send Text: Displays the Send Text to Console window. You can copy and paste text from your lab manual or enter new text in the window. When you click Send Text, VMware Learning Platform sends the text you entered to your lab console. The text appears at the pointer location inside your console. You can also highlight text in the lab manual then drag the selected text onto your console.
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL: Sends the CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination to the virtual machine (VM). The result of sending the key combination is operation-system dependent.
  • Notes: Displays metadata about the lab (notes, user name, and password for each VM) as configured by the tenant administrator.
  • Power Down: Powers down the VM for the lab you are running.
  • Power Reset: Hard-reboots the machine as if the reset button on the physical hardware had been selected. It is independent of the power options.
  • Connection Strength: Displays a bar graph icon from which you can view latency statistics for your connection. Console connection monitoring is an optional feature set up by a tenant administrator.