As a VMware Learning Platform lab user, you typically follow a standard workflow.

  1. Access the lab through your browser and authenticate yourself using credentials sent to you by your tenant administrator.

    VMware Learning Platform displays your lab portal.

    The lab portal has three tabs:
    • The left tab includes three items: Enrollments, Labs, and Transcript.
      Item Description
      Enrollments Displays labs in which you are already enrolled
      Labs Displays all labs
      Transcript Displays a list of labs you have completed

      Included in the list of labs you have completed are the Email Full Transcript and the All Tenants options. Email Full Transcripts sends you an email with a PDF attachment of the lab transcripts. All Tenants tells the system to include lab transcripts from deleted tenants in the list of labs you have completed.

    • Announcements/Offers tab: Displays announcements, offers, and social media.
  2. Select a lab in which to enroll (click Enroll) or resume a lab you had left (click Enrolled).

    VMware Learning Platform loads the lab you selected. After VMware Learning Platform finishes loading the lab, it displays a lab console that shows your enrollments. The length of time to connect to a lab varies depending on the lab environment's complexity and configuration.

    Note: You can conduct a search for a lab by entering the title of a lab in the search box or by entering a keyword. For example, you might enter Introduction to list all labs in the current catalog that include the word “Introduction” in their titles.
  3. (Optional) If the lab you started includes multiple consoles, click Consoles and select the one you want to work with. For example, your lab might include a Windows console icon and a Linux (RHEL) console icon. Most labs only have a single visible virtual machine that you interact with for the exercises, so the console tab is not shown.
  4. Click Start this Lab to start the lab. If you start and then leave a lab, then VMware Learning Platform displays the Resume the lab control instead of the Start this Lab control. When you start a lab for the first time, you are presented with the option to start a guided tour of the console controls.
  5. Click Manual to display the manual for your lab.
  6. Progress through the modules of your lab and end or exit the lab as you choose. (Manuals are typically made up of modules that you complete sequentially).