From the lab console, you can view the lab console walk-through or use the console toolbar to get help, set up your profile, select a language, or log out.

Console walk-through

You can take a walk-through tour of the console when you start a lab for the first time.

After the first time you start the lab, the system does not automatically start the walk-through tour. To manually start the walk-through, click the Guide icon.


Click Help to display the following options:

  • Live Chat: If enabled by your tenant admin, Live Chat opens a window that you can use to chat with support staff.
  • Raise Hand: Clicking Raise Hand activates a help request for you and alerts the class instructor that you need help. For more information about requesting help in instructor-led labs, see the Taking an Instructor-Led Lab.
  • Support Options: Displays an email address for support requests and a support phone number.
  • Tips: Displays tips about using the lab console.
  • User Guide: Opens a PDF version of this document
  • About: Displays VMware Learning Platform product information.


Displays the VMware privacy policy.

My Profile

Clicking My Profile displays the Profile page. The Profile page comprises several subpages beginning with the General page. To close the Profile page, click outside the page. Make sure that you have saved your changes before you close the page.

Language and Time Zone preferences
Click Preferences to select what language and time zone to use. Selecting a language sets the language of the lab console to the selected language. For example, if you select German, the system switches the user interface to German. Also, selecting a language determines the language version of the instructional manual. For example, if you select German, the system uses the German version of the instructional manual associated with the lab.
Note: When you switch to the language version you selected, you must end the lab and then restart the lab.
About (Bio)
Click About to add a short biography about yourself.
Click Password to change your password.
Security Questions
Click Security Questions to update your security questions. Security questions help validate who you are in case you forgot your password.
Click Social to log into one or more social media service (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). VMware Learning Platform never shares social media password information.

Log Out

Clicking Log Out logs you out of the VMware Learning Platform lab console and returns you to the login page.

Change Language

The current language is displayed followed by a Globe icon. To change the language, click the icon to open the Change Language drop-down menu and select a language.

The lab console language changes to the language you select.

Note: For anonymous users (users who are not logged in and therefore do not have a profile), the tenant administrator sets the default anonymous user language. Logged-in users do have a profile. If a logged-in user changes language, then that user’s profile is updated accordingly.