VMware® Learning Platform™ is a complete learning environment that integrates instructional materials, rich VM (virtual machine) labs, video, social media, and more. VMware Learning Platform is cloud-based, and its content management tool includes features to run and track training labs and courses.

VMware Learning Platform provides the following capabilities for users/students:
  • Run, pause, and resume training labs in which you interact with simulated environments, such as virtualized desktop environments, or enterprise applications.
  • Track the training labs and courses in which you have enrolled.
  • View a transcript that shows training labs and courses you have finished.
  • View a catalog of all available VMware training labs and courses.

Accessing VMware Learning Platform

You access VMware Learning Platform through a browser. You must have valid credentials from your tenant administrator to log in.

Contact your VMware Learning Platform administrator if you have trouble locating a lab.

Note: Passwords are case-sensitive.

Supported Browsers and Environments

The following browsers are supported. As a best practice, use the latest available version of your browser.

  • Internet Explorer version10 and above
  • Firefox version 13 or above
  • Chrome version 18 or above
  • Safari version 6.0 or above

Your browser settings must accept cookies, run JavaScript, and allow web sockets.

Support for Mobile Devices

VMware Learning Platform supports mobile devices for split-screen functionality such that the lab’s instructional manual appears on the mobile device and the lab console appears on a desktop or laptop. VMware Learning Platform does not support the console of the virtual machine on the mobile device.

With the split-screen feature, you can use a full screen for the console of the lab and have the manual for the lab display on another desktop screen or appliance.