You can set up a protected site for your on-premises vSphere environment.


If you want to use a private connection for this on-premises protected site, you must first set up a private connection and configure Direct Connect for Private VIF.


  1. From the left navigation, select Protected sites.
  2. Click the Set up protected site button.
  3. In the Set up protected site dialog box, under Site type select On-premises site.
  4. Under Cloud backup, select a cloud file system to use for backups from the protected SDDC. If a cloud file system is already deployed, then that cloud file system is selected by default.
  5. Under Connection to cloud, select either Use public internet (including a public VIF, if you have configured Direct Connect on the site) or Use Direct Connect with private VIF.
  6. Under Time zone, select a time zone from the drop-down menu, and then click the button to the right to set the time zone for the protected site.
  7. Under On-premises site name, enter a name for the on-premises site.
  8. Click Set up.

What to do next

Next, you need to deploy the DRaaS Connector on the protected site.