After a successful failback, you do not need to perform cleanup on the failback source site.

VMs on the recovery SDDC are automatically deleted during failback if the failback plan completes and there were no errors related to the VMs.

If the failback partially completes, fails, or is ended early, delete from disk the stale VMs and files left behind on datastore ds01 in the 'Staging' folder on the failback source site (the recovery SDDC). Any files left behind might also be located in the WorkloadDatastore.

This applies only to VMs that were part of the failed failback plan that did not get processed. The recovery SDDC might have other VMs running either locally or from other failover plans. If any VMs have not progressed far enough in the failback process to be brought up on the protected site, they may need to be brought up on the recovery SDDC.

Any VMs that remain present in the failback source site (the recovery SDDC) can be powered on to resume service.

During failback, VMware Live Cyber Recovery creates and retains some snapshots to ensure the safety of the VM state when it was running in the cloud, in case we need to recover the data even after failback has been committed. These snapshots are deleted at the time of the next failover. To have these snapshots deleted sooner, contact support.