Before the current API token expires, you need to regenerate a new token from the VMware Cloud on AWS console, and then replace the existing token in VMware Live Cyber Recovery.

The maximum lifespan of a VMware Cloud Services API token is 60 months, after which an Organization owner with appropriate credentials must regenerate a new token and configure it inside of VMware Live Cyber Recovery.

If an API token expires, VMware Live Cyber Recovery continues to function, snapshots can still be taken, and the UI is accessible. But until you create a new token and apply it to VMware Live Cyber Recovery, you cannot perform any failover, failback, or ransomware recovery operations.

You can generate a new API token in the VMware Cloud console. After you generate a new API token, you then add it to VMware Live Cyber Recovery.


  1. From the left navigation, select Settings.
  2. Under API token, click the API token button.
  3. In the Configure API token dialog box, click the Change token button.
  4. Enter the new API token in the dialog box.
  5. Click the Validate button.
  6. Click OK.