You can export a list of all VM to protection group mappings to the CSV file format.

For each VM you are protecting, you can export the following information:
  • VM name.
  • Protected site name where the VM is running.
  • Protected site vCenter IP address.
  • Number of protection groups the VM belongs to.
  • Names of all protection groups that the VM belongs to.
  • The pathname of the VM virtual machine configuration file (.vmx) on the protected site vCenter.
    Note: Exporting protection group membership to CSV can take up to one minute per-2500 VMs. Do not close the browser window during export, or the export will be canceled.


  1. From the left navigation, select Virtual Machines.
  2. Click the Export CSV button.
  3. When the file is finished downloading, you can open the file to view all VM to protection group relationships.