Use the Cyber Recovery connector CLI to create a custom user that can be used to register vCenter Server with the Cyber Recovery connector.


When you manually create a vCenter Server user, make sure that the "propagate to children" permission is applied to the inventory root with a role providing the necessary privileges.
When you run this command, it creates a role with the minimal privileges (based on --snapshot-privs or --failback-privs), and it creates a "propagate to children" permission on the inventory root, associating this user with this role.
Note: Make sure the password ( --new-password) you choose for this vCenter user adheres to the VMware vSphere password policy requirements.


  1. Open an SSH connection to the Cyber Recovery connector. Or, you can use the VM console to connect with the Cyber Recovery connector VM.
    You can obtain the Cyber Recovery connector IP address for an on-premises protected site in the VMware Live Cyber Recovery UI under Sites > Protected Sites.

    To obtain the connector admin password, go to Sites > Protected Sites > Show password.

  2. Run the following command:
    connector-name>> drc create-vcenter-user --vcenter 
    --admin-username administrator@vsphere.local --admin-password drcSmeck$2! 
    --new-username drc_user@vsphere.local --new-password drcSh1ep$2! 
    --vcenter-role draasrole --snapshot-privs --failback-privs

What to do next

Note: If you omit any of the password flags when running this command, you are interactively prompted to supply the password after you run the command.

Now you can register vCenter Server with the Cyber Recovery connector and authenticate with this new user.