Independent software vendors publish and maintain solutions by using VMware Marketplace, which exposes their offerings to a large ecosystem of VMware customers. The publisher's onboarding process involves multiple steps and verification.

Use the checklist to learn about the requirements and high-level process for onboarding as a publisher of third-party solutions on VMware Marketplace.
Table 1. Getting Started Checklist for Publishers
To... You need to...
Onboard as a publisher on VMware Cloud Services Register your company in the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program.
Obtain an endorsement for publishing products on VMware Marketplace Submit the products for validation testing and review in the VMware Ready Program or the VMware Partner Program. The two programs differ in their testing process and support requirements.
Review and sign the VMware marketplace legal agreement Onboard with VMware Marketplace and initiate the publishing workflow for a validated product.
Learn more about the benefits and key features of VMware Marketplace Review the VMware Cloud Marketplace Program Guide.
For a detailed procedure, see How do I onboard on VMware Cloud Marketplace as a publisher.