You subscribed to the WordPress Virtual Appliance solution in VMware Marketplace and configured it for deployment in VMware Cloud on AWS. Your subscribed content now becomes available as a virtual machine template in your target cloud SDDC. As a VMware Cloud on AWS user, you access and manage subscribed content for your SDDC by using the vSphere Client. The solutions you subscribed to in VMware Marketplace are stored in a Content Library as OVA templates. In this task, you use the vSphere Client to create a virtual machine from the WordPress Virtual Appliance template.


Open vSphere Client and log in to your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.


  1. Select Menu > Content Libraries and click the VMware Marketplace tab.
    You see a list of the OVA templates for all applications you subscribed to in VMware Marketplace.
  2. Click the image of the subscribed WordPress template.
    The details for the selected template are displayed.
  3. On the OVF template page, from the Actions drop-down menu, select New VM from This Template.
    The New Virtual Machine wizard opens.
  4. Follow the steps of the wizard and define the target SDDC, compute resource, storage capacity, and destination network for the new WordPress virtual machine.
  5. Accept the license agreements when prompted.
  6. On the Customize template page of the wizard, define and copy the SSH public key.
    You need the SSH public key to connect to the server to which you deployed the virtual machine.
  7. On the Ready to complete page, review the settings, and click Finish.


You created a new WordPress virtual machine from the subscribed template. It appears in the list of available virtual machines in your SDDC.

What to do next

The new virtual machine is powered off by default. You must power it on before proceeding with the final step of this scenario.