As a VMware Cloud Director service provider, you use the VMware Marketplace catalog of deployment-ready applications and use the App Launchpad plug-in on VMware Cloud Director to provide optimized application deployment to VMware Cloud Director tenants.

App Launchpad is a VMware Cloud Director service extension that service providers can use to create and publish catalogs of deployment-ready applications. Tenant users can then deploy the applications with a single click.

App Launchpad supports the use of applications from the Bitnami applications catalog available in VMware Marketplace.

As a service provider, you install App Launchpad in your data center and configure it to use the Bitnami applications catalog from VMware Marketplace. For App Launchpad installation and configuration information, see the VMware Cloud Director App Launchpad Product Documentation.

When you subscribe to catalog items in VMware Marketplace, you configure the target VMware Cloud Director catalog by providing the public URL of the VMware Cloud Director organization, the login credentials, and the Organization and Catalog names. Upon completing the subscription process, the subscribed content is synchronized with the target catalog in VMware Cloud Director. The synchronized catalog can be used in App Launchpad to enable the single-click application deployment to VMware Cloud Director tenants. You can share the catalog items with different tenant organizations, and tenant users can deploy new instances of the applications into their organization VDCs.