You subscribed to the WordPress Virtual Appliance solution and configured it for deployment in your VMware Cloud Director environment. Your subscribed content now becomes available in your target cloud platform as a vApp. As a VMware Cloud Director user, you access and manage subscribed content for your organization VDC by using the VMware Cloud Director tenant portal. The solutions you subscribed to in VMware Marketplace are stored as vApp templates. In this task, you provision a WordPress virtual machine from the subscribed vApp template.


Log in to your VMware Cloud Director tenant portal.


  1. From the main menu, select Libraries, and select vApp Templates.
    The list of templates displays in a grid view.
  2. Locate the WordPress vApp template in the list, click the list bar on the left of the vApp template, and select Create vApp.
    The Create vApp from Template wizard opens.
  3. Accept the license agreements and complete the steps in the wizard to define the configuration options for the new vApp.
  4. On the Ready to Complete page, review the vApp settings that you configured and click Finish.
    You provisioned a new vApp containing the WordPress virtual machine in your VDC, and it now appears in the list of available vApps in the Compute > vApps section of your VMware Cloud Director tenant portal.

What to do next

The new virtual machine is powered off by default. You must power it on before proceeding with the final step of this scenario.