As a VMware Marketplace user, you subscribe to a solution listed in the catalog and set the deployment configuration for the solution in your target VMware endpoint. In this task, you subscribe to the WordPress Virtual Appliance solution by Bitnami and deploy it as a virtual machine template to a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.

VMware Cloud on AWS allows you to create vSphere data centers on Amazon Web Services. These vSphere data centers include vCenter Server for managing your data center. By using Hybrid Linked Mode, you can connect an on-premises data center to your cloud SDDC, and manage both from a single vSphere Client interface.


  • You must have a cloud SDDC associated with your VMware Cloud services organization that uses the VMware Marketplace service.
  • Log in to VMware Marketplace with your VMware Cloud Services credentials.


  1. In the VMware Marketplace Catalog, locate the WordPress Virtual Appliance by Bitnami and click its tile to open the application page.
  2. On the Summary page, click Subscribe.
    You initiated the subscription and configuration process for the selected application.
  3. On the Settings page of the Subscribe wizard, specify the WordPress Virtual Appliance settings.
    1. Select VMC as the target deployment platform for the WordPress Virtual Appliance.
    2. Select the version and click Next to proceed to the platform configuration step.
  4. On the SDDC page of the Subscribe wizard, select the SDDC, enter the vCenter Server administrator credentials, and click Next.
    The SDDC associated with the VMware Cloud services organization that uses the VMware Marketplace service is automatically displayed.
  5. On the Configuration page of the wizard, define the vSphere resources to be used by the deployment of the WordPress Virtual Appliance.
  6. On the Summary page, review the configuration settings that you entered and click Next.
  7. Accept the EULA and click Finish.


The WordPress Virtual Appliance is deployed as a virtual machine template in the associated cloud SDDC.

What to do next

Click the Check Subscriptions link that appears on the final screen of the wizard and verify that the WordPress Virtual Appliance subscription status shows as Subscribed in the Subscription list that displays. You can access the Subscriptions page from the main navigation of VMware Marketplace.