As a publisher on VMware Marketplace, you can capture leads for your listed solutions.

VMware Marketplace generates leads in the following ways:
  • Capturing contact information from the prospective customers who request more information using the Request More Info option on solution.
  • Tracking traffic generated from the Try Now button on your listing.

To view the leads, log into the VMware Marketplace portal. and click Insights > Leads.

The Leads page appears. It displays a list of leads along with the information such as name, email id, company, country, solution, and the date on which the lead was generated.

Figure 1. Manage Leads
Manage Leads
You can perform the following actions on the Leads page:
Action Description
View lead details
Click on the DETAILS button, you can view the following information:
  • Product name for which the lead was generated.
  • Product ID.
  • Contact information such as name, email, phone, organization name, job title, and region.
  • How did the lead learn about your solution? For example, through referral.
  • Message from the lead.
Delete a lead You can remove a lead from the list by clicking on the DELETE button next to it.
Download lead information You can download a consolidated report of all the generated leads by clicking on the DOWNLOAD CSV button.