The pre-scan step creates an image of the reference machine before the required applications are installed.

About this task

Follow the prompts to remove any validation warnings or errors.


You can use any CVD as the reference CVD for app layer purposes.

The Mirage client is installed on a clean reference machine.

A base layer does not need to be present on the reference machine.


  1. In the Mirage Management console, select Common Wizards > Capture App Layer.
  2. Select a pending device from which to capture an app layer and click Next.
  3. Select an upload policy and click Next.

    If you do not make an Upload policy selection, a default upload policy value applies.

  4. Follow the prompts to remove validation warnings or errors and click Next.

    The validations ensure that the machine is ready for capture.

  5. Click Finish to start the pre-scan capture process.

    A message appears asking if you want to switch to the task list view to follow the progress of the capture task in the Task list.


When the task is complete, the app layer is moved to the App Layers list under the Image Composer node. The pre-scan processing starts. A progress window shows the Pre-Install State Capture progress. Alerts show the process stage.

The Task Monitoring window shows a Capture App Layer task, from which you can monitor the operation progress and status.


If you miss the message, check that the red recording icon appears on the Mirage icon before you start installing applications.

What to do next

When the Finished capturing pre-installation system state message appears, you can install applications to the reference machine. See Install Applications on the Reference Machine.