You use layer groups to centrally manage layers that are used in self-service provisioning procedures. You create Mirage layer groups in a CSV file.


  1. Access the layergroup_template.csv file from the file.
  2. Edit the layergroup_template.csv file with the necessary values.
    Layer Group Name,Description,BaseLayer,AppLayers,
    G1,description1,win8.1X64 - 1(1.0),Win8.1x64 - AL - 1(1.0),Win8.1x64 - AL - 3(1.0)
    G2,description2,win8.1X64 - 2(1.0),Win8.1x64 - AL - 2(1.0),Win8.1x64 - AL - 3(1.0)

    Layer Group Name is the name you select for the layer group. Description is the description you provide for the layer group. BaseLayer is the base layer and version. AppLayers is the app layers and version.

  3. Save the CSV file.