Users with the Image Manager role or Administrator role can work with CVD collections. You can group in a collection folder CVDs that share a logical relation to other CVDs. You can use the collections to update their policies, set drivers, or perform an action on the device such as restarting the device or synchronizing the device with the Mirage server.

For example, you can aggregate all CVDs of users in the marketing department to a folder under a collection called Marketing. Then you can perform updates on the CVDs that all the Marketing CVDs share all at once.

Mirage supports static and dynamic collections. You manually assign CVDs to a static collection, while CVD assignments to dynamic collections are calculated based on predefined filters every time an operation is applied to a collection.

A CVD can be a member of multiple collections. If different base layers or policies are applied to different collections and a CVD belongs to more than one, the last change applied takes effect.

To view additional information for the layers assigned to a collection, click the number in the Number of Layer Assignments column.

You can perform various operations on CVD collections.

Table 1. Working with CVD Collections



Create New

Create a dynamic collection or static collection of CVDs.


Edit a CVD collection.


Delete a CVD collection.


Synchronize all CVDs in a CVD collection.


Suspend the network operation of CVDs in a CVD collection.


Resume network operation of CVDs in a CVD collection.


Force a restart all devices in a CVD collection.

Assign Base Layer

Assign a base layer to all devices in a CVD collection.

Assign App Layer

Assign an app layer to all devices in a CVD collection.

Enforce Layers

Enforce all layers to resolve any issues with corrupted files and registry settings that were provisioned through a layer. You can preserve user applications, or remove user applications when you enforce layers.

Migrate Windows OS

An upload policy determines which files and directories to upload from the user endpoint to the CVD in the data center. You can assign an upload policy to all CVDs in a collection or to an individual CVD in a collection.

Apply Driver Library

Apply hardware-specific drivers to a CVD collection.

Assign Upload Policy

Assign an upload policy to a CVD collection to determine which files and directories are uploaded from the user endpoints to the CVD collection.