This section describes the procedure to upgrade from an existing deployment of Mirage to the current version of Mirage.


  1. Install the latest version of Mirage using the new MSIs in the following order:
    1. Upgrade Mirage Management Server.

    2. Upgrade all Mirage Servers.

    3. Upgrade Mirage Web Management.

    4. Upgrade all instances of Mirage Management Server.

    5. Upgrade Mirage WebAccess.


      Mirage 5.x and later versions do not require the uninstallation and reinstallation as Mirage installers perform these actions. VMware recommends keeping the same order of the installation. However, it is not a requirement as the console notifies if there is any version mismatch.

  2. After the upgrade is complete, perform the following steps to complete configuring Mirage
    1. Make sure that you have space allocated for MongoDB on the local disk.

    2. Make sure that both the management servers are up and replicated (marked as Up in the Web Management console under Servers > Management Servers).

    3. If upgrading to Mirage 5.6 and later, perform the following steps:

    • In the Web Management, go to Servers > Management Servers.

    • Choose the correct MongoDB instance and click Configure.

    • Change the path to the target local dedicated disk and click OK.


      For upgrading from version 5.5, or without a second replicated MongoDB node, and for more information, see KB2131044.