Before you apply a base layer, verify that software to be deployed by the base layer does not conflict with locally installed software, for example, an antivirus product on the base layer and on an endpoint are different.

About this task

You can perform an ad-hoc cleanup using a transitional base layer to remove conflicting software.


  1. Use the problematic endpoint as a reference machine to capture a temporary transitional base layer with the conflicting software.
  2. Apply the transitional base layer to the endpoint and any similar endpoints.
  3. Replace the temporary base layer by applying the base layer of choice, which replaces the conflicting software.


The initial rollout flow with a transitional base layer includes the following aspects:

  1. Any application that is included in the transition base layer becomes a managed application when the transition base layer is assigned.

  2. Managed applications undergo an update or removal process upon subsequent base layer update operations.

  3. New base layers are constructed and endpoints are updated with the new base layer.