You can select any Mirage client endpoint to function as a branch reflector, in addition to serving a user. Alternatively, you can designate a branch reflector to a dedicated host to support larger populations. A branch reflector can run on any operating system compatible with Mirage clients.


Clients that serve as branch reflectors must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Connect the device that will serve as a branch reflector to a switched LAN rather than to a wireless network.

  • Verify that enough disk space is available to store the base layers of the connected endpoint devices.

  • Verify that port 8001 on the branch reflector host is open to allow incoming connections from peer endpoint devices.

  • If the branch reflector endpoint also serves as a general purpose desktop for an interactive user, use a dual-core CPU and 2GB RAM.

To determine if an endpoint has an eligible branch reflector, click the CVD Inventory tab, select a CVD, and click Show Potential Branch Reflectors.