Newly created branch reflectors are assigned default parameter values. You can adjust some of these values for individual branch reflectors.

About this task

Default values apply to the Maximum Connections, Cache Size, and Additional Networks parameters for newly created branch reflectors. See Configure Defaults for Branch Reflectors. You can adjust these values for a selected branch reflector.


Verify that the branch reflector endpoint has enough disk space for the indicated cache size, in addition to its other use as a general purpose desktop.


  1. In the Mirage Management console tree, expand the System Configuration node and click the Branch Reflectors tab.
  2. Right-click the branch reflector device and select Branch Reflector > Configure.



    Maximum Connections

    Type the maximum number of endpoint devices that can connect to the branch reflector at the same time.

    Cache Size (GB)

    Type the cache size in gigabytes that the branch reflector has allocated.

    Additional Networks

    Type the networks where the branch reflector is authorized to service client endpoints in addition to its own local subnets.

  3. Click OK.

    The branch reflector configuration settings take effect immediately. You do not need to restart the branch reflector client.