If your current Mirage system deployment exceeds the maximum number of clients, you can migrate all of the systems settings from your current deployment to your new deployment. This helps you to easily install and configure your new Mirage system. You can export the Mirage system configuration and layers to a self-contained archive using a command-line tool that is external to Mirage. You can use the exported items later to import and synchronise items to your new Mirage deployment.

About this task

You can export the following items from your current Mirage deployment to a zip file:

  • System settings

  • Configuration files

  • Bandwidth limiting settings

  • USMT files

  • Driver libraries

  • Master and CVD policies

  • Base layers

  • Application layers


  1. To export the Mirage system configuration and layers to a self-contained archive, run the following command.
    C:\Program Files\Wanova\Mirage Management Server\Wanova.Server.Tools.exe“ ExportSystemSettings -MirageMgmtIp <IP address> -outputFolder c:\temp\configParams -tempVolumePath c:\temp\tempVol


    • -MirageMgmtIp is followed by the IP address of your Mirage management server.

    • -outputFolder is followed by the full-path of the folder where you want to save the exported self-contained archive. The path provided should be empty or contain a previously exported settings.

    • -tempVolumePath is followed by the path to hold the temporary mirage volume.

    • (Optional) -layersFile is followed by the path of a layers the cvs file.

  2. To view the progress of the utility, go to the VMware Mirage Console on your Mirage System and select Task Monitoring.

    You can only track the progress of the tasks from the Task Monitoring option in the VMware Mirage Console. Use the command-line tool to abort exporting the system configurations files.