You use layer groups to centrally manage layers that are used in self-service provisioning procedures. Layer groups are useful for rapid provisioning of devices for different groups with different application needs. You create Mirage layer groups in a CSV file.


  1. Generate the layergroup_template.csv file using the - export method to create a blank template Wanova.Server.Tools.exe ExportLayerGroup ManagementServerAddress CsvFilePath.

    Example: Wanova.Server.Tools.exe ExportLayerGroup MiragemgmtServer.domain.local c:\temp\ExportedLayerGroup.csv

  2. Edit the layergroup_template.csv file with the necessary values. Include the layer version in parentheses after the base and app layer names.
    Layer Group Name,Description,BaseLayer,AppLayers,
    G1,description1,BaseLayer 10X64(1.0),App A Win10x64(1.0),App B Win10x64(2.1)
    G2,description2,BaseLayer Win8.1X64(1.0),App C Win8.1x64(1.4),App B Win8.1x64(1.0)
  3. Save the CSV file.